Online Content Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Online Content Marketing Strategies

Our copywriters create engaging content that is not only well written, but is also optimized for the search engines.  This content can be used on your website or placed on external websites in order to "earn" incoming links to your website.

A well written article that is strategically placed online can dramatically increase click-through-rates (CTR) for your website, either by being listed on an external website or listed on your very own site.  It is important that when writing this content, you are thinking about the end-user, and try to provide problem-solving solutions, with your end goal being to increase the interaction between your end-user and your company's objectives.

Your online content marketing strategy must meet your target audience's needs.  Having well-written copy about your website not only creates interest in your brand, it also reinforces trust.  Once your content is online,  you need to make sure that people can see it.  This is accomplished through an aggressive outreach campaign whereas we contact website owners either by email, twitter or other social channels in order to "earn" a link to your site.

SurgeStream's full-service online content marketing team has developed several different services offering our content development and link outreach programs listed below.

Website Content Creation

Is your current website's text a little stale?  Do you have a new website and need fresh and engaging content?  Our college educated English majors can write highly engaging website content.

Blog Post Content Creation

Is your blog looking a little empty?  Did you setup a blog and never find the time to add more than one or two posts per year?  It is important that your blog contains regularly-scheduled and well written articles.

Product Content for SEO

If you have an e-commerce site, it is very important to have highly-engaging content for not only your customers, but for the search engines as well.  Our product writers will write about the features and benefits of your product.

Guest Posts for SEO

Guest posting is NOT dead!  Relevant and targeted guest posting still works - you just need to make sure your guest articles appear on highly relevant websites that are closely related to yours.

Newsletter Creation

If you have an email newsletter list, you should be engaging your readers with ongoing newsletters.  This can be as simple as rewriting existing blog posts into newsletter format, or having us create custom-newsletter content.

Downloadable Reports

Help solidify your brand with a freemium by offering an extensive and informative free white paper or in-depth report in exchange for an end-user's email address.  You can then follow up with a list of auto-responder emails.


Custom Content for Website Webpages Created


Custom Blog Posts Created and Posted Online


Semi-customized Product Descriptions Created


In-depth Downloadable Reports and Whitepapers Created

In the end, it is important to pursue a successfully well written, effectively executed and promoted content-marketing strategy.  Posting quick blog posts and hoping someone will read them is not an effective strategy.

Engaging Custom Content for SEO

Our college educated copywriters will create engaging content to entice a website visitor to click through to your website.  Once they get to your site, the expertly-written content and descriptions will keep them there.

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