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Dental SEO

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Tired of working so hard to get new patients to set up appointments at your dentistry business? If you are spending a significant amount of time trying to entice new clients to come your way, you are missing out on spending time actually doing the job you love. Instead, you should hire a digital marketing company to find the clients for you so that you can focus on doing what you do best – giving people beautiful smiles!

What does a digital marketing team have to do with it? Simply put, an exceptionally talented dental SEO marketing team knows how to find the patients that need you to give them the best smiles possible. How? By increasing your online presence!

With more and more patients finding their dentists online, it is crucial that your cosmetic dentistry business is easy to search for and find on Google. SurgeStream makes this possible through offering dental SEO and a variety of SEO services geared at allowing patients to find you before they find another practice.

Want More Website Traffic to Gain More Appointments with Potential Dental Patients?

That’s Where SurgeStream Comes In.

Avoid potential patients booking appointments with another practice in town by increasing your website traffic. By making your website as popular as possible in online searches, your business will be viewed more than other local practices. More website traffic means more potential patients setting up appointments.


If you want your business to be the first place potential patients call, you need to utilize the best SEO for dentists and SurgeStream’s brilliant digital marketing services:

Digital marketing strategies involve utilizing the best search engine optimization and SEO campaign to help your cosmetic dentistry website be visible to as many potential patients as possible. Wondering what search engine optimization actually is? Basically, this means identifying the words and phrases people seeking cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics in your area will use when searching. Then, adding these words in to your web pages with precision and skill along with identifying the people who will be looking for cosmetic dentistry. SurgeStream’s team are masters at driving traffic based on dental SEO services to your dentistry or cosmetic dentistry business website. Once the SEO for dentists is mastered by our team, you will start getting more phone calls and appointments.

More and more people use social media as a way to show off their smiles. What better way to improve your website traffic and grow your business than by using social media as dental marketing online to show people that they can come to you to get an even better smile? Social media is a fantastic way to market to potential clients because it allows you to communicate with them in a quick and exciting way. By making your cosmetic dentistry business known on the various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), you will drive more people to your website. Plus, we can guarantee the other cosmetic dentistry businesses around your area are on social media – don’t fall behind! Instead, hire SurgeStream’s social media specialists to find the right audience and show them what they want to see so that you get more patients.

Feeling overwhelmed with the different ways to improve profit through online paid advertising and Pay Per Click advertising? Don’t be. SurgeStream is able to simply the process for you while incorporating the best strategies to lead the right customer traffic to your website – in turn, landing you more appointments and patients.  We are very experienced with Google Ads, Bing as well as advanced retargeting methods.

What exactly is content marketing? It is a way to show the audience your cosmetic dentistry business is better than the rest. How? By making your website stand out as an authority on all things related to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics with well-written, well-researched articles. The dental websites with the highest Google rankings have one thing in common – exceptional content! For example, a great article will lead people to your website. SurgeStream’s proficient content writers know how to show the audience you are not only the website they should trust for information about cosmetic dentistry, but also the dentists they should trust with their smiles.

We Can Help Your Cosmetic Dentistry Business Surpass Your Rivals
with Our Three-Step Process

As we discussed above, you need to take advantage of digital marketing because most patients are finding their new dentists online through Google searches. By hiring a digital marketing team such as SurgeStream, you are one step closer to being ahead in Google searches.


In order to be ahead in Google searches, your dental search engine optimization must be highly strategic. This can only be done by a digital marketing team composed of complete professionals who understand the importance of leading Google searches directly to your cosmetic dentistry website. This is not something anyone can do – SurgeStream’s team has a wealth of experience and knowledge doing dental SEO with the intention of helping local businesses take the lead.


How? By making your digital marketing as localized and personal as possible. Dental professionals do not want to compete with dentistry businesses in another state, right? You don’t. Instead, allow SurgeStream to focus its digital marketing on your local area attracting the patients you need to keep your business successful.


We accomplish this through our customizable three-step process:

As we mentioned earlier, our website audits are not like the basic automated website audits. We use our own eyes and minds to audit your website thoroughly to find issues that may be hindering your business potential. This includes and in-depth technical SEO audit as well as analyzing your web design.  Our professional team of experts deciphers what changes should be made to help your business shine online. SurgeStream will focus on offering suggestions specifically for the online world of dentistry marketing to ensure your website gets the best traffic. More traffic = more patients.

We briefly discussed SEO, or search engine optimization, earlier. In short, your website needs to include as many related keywords as possible in a way that makes sense. This will lead the searchers to your website. We identify the terminology used most frequently in searches for your type of cosmetic dentistry business. By placing these keywords in your webpages, your Google visibility will rise and it will become easier and easier for potential patients to find you online. Instead of chasing patients, SurgeStream’s SEO process will lead the patients to you.

If you think reviewing a website and identifying keywords is all we do, you are mistaken. There are many different SEO agencies that will not provide a thorough competitive analysis of your dental business.  We want to make sure your website gets the boost it needs from the right audience. So, we use the information from our audit and SEO dentist keyword searches (such as “cosmetic whitening dentist”) and figure out how to make your website take the local lead with a customized SEO strategy. This means we also identify the local area searches relating to your business and apply them to your website. According to SurgeStream’s 3-Step Process, this should land you in the Google 3-Pack. Essentially, this is the place your website needs to be in order to be the first seen; thereby, the first cosmetic dentistry business potential patients call for appointments. Let’s face it – the lower your business is in Google rankings, the fewer phone calls you will receive. With SurgeStream’s help, you can avoid being at the bottom and rise to the top.

Dental SEO Marketing Works! You Can Expect to See Long Term Results.

Now you know digital marketing is the way to make your dentistry business exceptionally well-known in your area. There are many different dental SEO companies available, but not many with the longevity and track record that we have.  Trusting SurgeStream Digital Marketing with improving your online presence is a great way to add value and profit to your dental business. Don’t wait! Contact us and a dental SEO expert at SurgeStream will make your website shine the brightest so you can help brighten even more smiles.


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