How a SEO Analysis Can Help Your Company Grow

How a SEO Analysis Can Help Your Company Grow

Is your website not ranking in the search results for your keywords or company name? Or maybe it’s not generating leads (or the right leads) for your business? Due to the complexity of search engine optimization (SEO), trying to pinpoint the exact reason isn’t all that simple without the help of an SEO analysis company.

An SEO analysis company performs SEO audit services that uncover issues that are preventing your website from delivering results.

SurgeStream is a full-service digital marketing company, helping businesses improve their online presence and lead generation efforts. Below we highlight the benefits of working with an SEO analysis company, what happens during a technical seo audit, and a few free and paid tools to help you grow your company.

Benefits of Working with an SEO Analysis Company

There are Many Benefits of Working with an SEO Analysis Company

When you need to figure out why your website isn’t performing, a technical seo audit or website audit is an absolute must. These audits will pinpoint issues on your website or off-site SEO campaigns that are negatively impacting your digital marketing strategy.

By working with an SEO analysis company, you’ll not only receive the audit but also receive guidance and insights from experts on how to fix the issues found. This guidance and insight is key, as the more you as a business owner understand about SEO, the better decisions you can make regarding your online marketing.

Other benefits of working with an SEO analysis business include:

  • Manual SEO Audit Services – You might be thinking this is not a benefit, that a manual review of your website is time-consuming. However, this attention to detail is actually just what you need when digging into source code or reviewing backlink profiles.
  • Review and Explanation – A lot of items could come up after auditing your website, some of which you might have no idea what they mean or how to fix. Partnering with SEO experts, however, means you’ll get a rundown of all the items and what it will take to get them SEO-friendly.

What You’ll Uncover During a Technical SEO Audit

What you Might Discover with a Technical SEO Audit

So, what are some of the items a SEO analysis could uncover during a technical SEO audit or website audit? Let’s go over both audit services:

Technical SEO Audit Services

Technical SEO audit services involve auditing the technical details of your on-page and off-page SEO. This can include:

  • Your site’s structure, which includes your URLs and navigation
  • Your backlink profile
  • The consistency of your name, address, and phone number listings
  • Your website’s crawl errors
  • Your website’s performance, including site speed
  • Checking for broken links on your website
  • Reviewing your website content for keyword cannibalization

Technical SEO audits are necessary when deep-diving into your website to find out why your website isn’t ranking.

Website Audit Services

Website audit services can also include on-page and off-page SEO items, however there is more of a focus on conversion-optimization rather than search engine ranking. Items under review include:

  • Your Meta Tags – are the title tags, meta descriptions and heading tags keyword focused?
  • Content marketing analysis – Is your site’s text and content on target with your keywords? Any duplicate content issues?
  • The UX and design of your website – is it easy to for visitors to get the info they need?
  • Contact forms – are they too long, too short, or not easy to fill out?
  • Broken links – are there broken links on the site that impede a visitor’s progress?
  • Popups – are they used correctly or are they preventing a visitor from moving forward in the customer journey?

Some of the items in a website audit might overlap with a technical seo audit and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, if you can, get both audits so that you can have a holistic overview of your website and what’s holding you back from growing your company.

SEO Audit Tools Are an Option

Some SEO Audit Tools To Assist with Your SEO Audit

While manual SEO audits are ideal, sometimes it’s a good idea to get a help from seo audit tools. And luckily, there are some really great seo tools on the market today.

We’ll go over a few of our favorite tools below, but know that it’s best to use these while working with an SEO analysis company. Together, you can prioritize the results and begin tackling the issues to get your website ranking above the competition.

Tool URL Description Price
SEOMator Performs an in-depth, technical SEO analysis and optimization review of your website. The tools also provides ‘how to fix’ tips on all the issues it finds. They also have free SEO tools, including an audit tool you can try before signing up for the service. As low as $5/month. Certain plans have a 7 day free trial.
SEMRush SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. It’s very well-known by technical SEO professionals, earning their trust by creating a tool that provides a ton of value. Their audit tool will check your site’s health, prioritize SEO issues and what to fix first, track progress of the things you’ve fixed, and check security with HTTPS check. $99.95/ month
Ahrefs Ahrefs is also pretty well-known in the SEO world. WIth this tool, you’ll be able to do keyword research, backlink profile research, web monitoring, and analyze your competitors performance. The tool provides a lot of good information that you can use to make sure you’re keeping up with the competition. $99/month, with a 7 day trial for $7.

SEO audit tools are handy for confirming details and staying up-to-date with your competition’s marketing efforts. They should be used in conjunction with manual SEO efforts, as solely relying on a tool can be misleading. If you want to learn more about SEO audit tools, read our Review of Free and Paid SEO Audit Software Tools blog post.

Ready to Work With an SEO Analysis Company?

Once you get an audit, it’s time to perform SEO on your website. Luckily, at SurgeStream, we can provide both services. Our SEO experts will manually audit your website, looking for technical seo and website issues that are preventing your website and company from growing. Once we review the results with you, we can then start fixing the issues and get your company ranking in the search results.

Ready to get an audit of your website? Click here to get started.

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