Virginia SEO Company – How To Find and Hire One

Virgina SEO - How To Find and Hire a Virginia SEO Company

Online marketing is more than having a website and Facebook page. It’s a strategic approach to growing your brand and business, using several tactics (including SEO) to get results.

At SurgeStream, we specialize in helping small businesses increase their online visibility and lead generation through page SEO and digital marketing. Being local to Virginia, specifically Northern Virginia, we understand the ins and outs of getting your business found in your local search area.

Below we explain why you need SEO services Virginia to be (and stay) competitive and how to go about finding and hiring a quality Northern Virginia  / Virginia SEO firm.

Why Your Business Needs Northern Virginia SEO Services

Virginia SEO Firm

Northern Virginia is a thriving area. There are businesses aplenty, from dentists to cosmetic surgery practices to home restoration companies. And in order to be found when a prospective customer is looking, you need to not only set yourself apart but also show up in the search results.

That’s where SEO comes in.

Search engine optimization uses tactics to rank your website when someone searches for your keywords in your area. A Northern Virginia SEO strategy would incorporate your primary and secondary keywords plus your city, like [primary keyword] + Front Royal, [primary keyword] + Manassas, or [secondary keyword] + Fairfax, on your website and other branded online properties.

SEO is more than just adding keywords to your website.

It’s about:

  • The overall user experience of your website, especially your web design – the ease in which to find information or contact forms;
  • Your site structure – including URLs and pagination;
  • Your content – service pages, blogs, offers, etc.;
  • Your website’s site speed and overall performance;
  • Your website and business listings on major and industry-related directories;
  • Your business’ online reputation. For example, how you appear within social media channels.

Implementing these tactics and optimizing your website traffic for the Northern Virginia area, ensures that locals will be able to find you and your services right when they need it.

So, where do you find a firm/agency who can perform search engine optimization on your website for Northern Virginia? In Northern Virginia, of course!

Why Work with a Local Virginia SEO Company

Who else knows the Northern Virginia area better than a marketing strategy firm that also resides in Northern Virginia.

NOVA is a unique place and widespread, encompassing Warren County, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County. Understanding the complexities of each county (and the cities within), the huge influx of government employees and influence, and the challenges residents face is not something a non local firm would easily be able to wrap their head around.

Northern Virginia Map

A local Virginia SEO company will already understand all this. They’ll be ready to optimize your website for your keywords and geographic location plus give recommendations to help you get noticed by your target market.

From local events to local professional organizations, a local Northern Virginia SEO company can assist you and business owners on where and how to maximize your visibility and awareness.

They can do this because they’re familiar with NOVA.

Another reason to work with a Northern Virginia SEO company is because they’re close to the Washington D.C. metro area, but are more affordable than a firm directly in D.C. Being right outside the city, NOVA SEO firms can easily make there way into the city to visit you if you need, but won’t charge an arm and a leg to do it.

Characteristics of a Quality SEO Company in Northern Virginia

Virginia SEO Company

So how do you go about choosing an SEO Company Virginia? Well, you have to do a little bit of research. We also recommend meeting with several companies to get a feel for their style and work before making a decision.

Here’s what you should look for in an SEO firm:

Local Office

Make sure they have a local office. Some SEO campaign and digital marketing firms have offices all over the world, so you’ll want to make sure they have a local one you can visit to meet their team and get a feel for their work.  If you are targeting prospects in your surrounding area, a local SEO strategy is going to be more important for a local business versus nationwide strategies.

Portfolio of SEO Results

One key decision-maker should be their portfolio; who have they helped successfully in the past? Ask for case studies or references in your vertical so you can see their work and decide if it’s right for you.

Some things to look for when reviewing a portfolio:

  • Rankings increase
  • Website traffic increase, year over year
  • Increase in leads, year over year for the long term

Any SEO company in Virginia should be able to show you actual data on their success. If they can’t, then you’ll need to ask a lot of questions about their experience and how they see your campaign working.

Remember that SEO isn’t a guarantee, and a company who guarantees you something should be avoided. However there are right ways to go about getting, sustaining, and growing results.

Honesty / Transparency

You want to work with the best SEO Virginia an offer, not someone who is going to  keep you in the dark about your campaign. Your SEO firm should provide updates and reports on how your campaign is going. From ranking increases/decreases to traffic increases/decreases, you should hear all the details.

Ask them how they will communicate your campaign’s status and how often. You’ll also want to know if you’ll be working with a dedicated project manager and who else might be working on your website.

Ready to Start SEO?

Request a free SEO audit of your website to see the current SEO status of your website. Once you receive the report, you’ll see which areas of your website need / should be improved to boost your visibility and leads.

Not only will you receive a report, but our Virginia SEO experts can also create a strategic plan to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Are you ready to climb the search engine rankings and get found by your target audience? SurgeStream has been helping Northern Virginia businesses increase their online visibility and generate leads through search engine optimization for many years.

To learn more about our SEO services please contact us or fill out the form below and one of our associates will get back to you as soon as possible.

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