Local Seach Optimization Strategies

Local Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Getting local, targeted website traffic from searches performed based on locality for your small business website

Do you have a business whose main target customers are located in a specific Geo-location and you are having difficulty reaching them?  Unsure about how to get listed in Google Maps,  or do you want to increase your rankings in Maps and also for local searches?  We can help increase geographically-relevant website traffic with our local SEO services.

SurgeStream will develop a customized local SEO digital marketing strategy that is custom-made based on your businesses industry to make sure that you appear for location based searches on Google.  This may involve getting lots of local citations, and/or link building and link earning and making sure all of your social media profiles are setup properly and any and all online reviews are sending positive ranking signals to Google about the exact location of your business. We also use digital marketing strategies that allow you to build a stronger customer base that allows your business to grow organically.

With our targeted local SEO action plan, we set out to achieve better rankings for local search results by optimizing your website's content and website structure along with external third-party review sites to help increase quality signals that point to your business and thus help increase your visibility online for location specific searches.  It is also important that you analyze your competition and then develop a strategy to out rank them online. 


Increase in local online e-commerce transactions


Increase your visibility online for local searches


Send quality signals in order to increase search engine rankings


Make sure your site is mobile friendly for local searches on smart phones

Local SEO for Smart Phone Searches

It is very important that your website is mobile-friendly for local SEO, as many people now perform searches while they are away from home.  If your site is not mobile friendly, you risk having your website pushed down in the search results by Google.

Local searches will continue to grow over time.  If your business is targeting your local community and you want your website to be found online, it is very important to make sure your website is optimized for local searches, and that you are targeting your potential customers by appearing in Google Maps, other mapping systems and online review sites.

Local Search SEO Strategies

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