Modern Rules On How to Generate Water Damage Leads

Modern Rules On How to Generate Water Damage Leads

The marketing world is ever-changing. From new tools to new algorithm updates to new marketing strategies, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the digital marketing industry, especially with search engine optimization and other internet marketing techniques.  If you want to really grow your business you need to make sure you are able to generate you own water damage leads on a repeatable and affordable basis in order to make sure that your sales pipeline is running smoothly on a regular basis.

With always changing tactics, also comes marketing rules. There are many different tactics and strategies to generate water damage leads, such as pay per lead, or pay per call.  Below we’re sharing the modern rules water damage companies should know about digital marketing and lead gen.

Get Only Exclusive Water Damage Leads for your Business

When you are devising different strategies of lead generation, you should try to make sure that you are getting exclusive leads. This means that the leads that you receive are for you and only for you.  

If you are contacting different lead generation companies, make sure that the water damage leads that you receive from their lead generation system are being sent to you and only your company and that the prospect is within your service area, contain the contact name, address, phone number and email address if available.

Many times lead gen companies farm out leads to multiple companies.  Many times you can tell by the cost of the lead but this is not always the case. Make sure you only pay for exclusive high quality leads since you don’t want to compete with other businesses for the same lead.

Make Sure Your Leads Don’t Have Added On Referral Fees

Just because you are getting exclusive leads and are paying a premium for them doesn’t necessarily mean there are no hidden costs or referral fees added on. This is where you might have to pay a percentage of the overall completed sale as a commission or referral fee to the lead generation company.  Make sure you ask them to make sure there are no additional fees since these percentages can add up to a very large sum over time.

Leverage Your Data Analytics to Improve and Retain Leads

Digital marketing today surrounds data. Open rates, click-through rates, quantity of phone calls, call conversions, likes, shares, comments, form conversions,appointments held, and so on. However having all this data doesn’t really mean anything if you don’t use it to improve your existing marketing efforts and retain customers.

To maximize all the data you’re collecting, you should make it a point to review everything once a month. Pick the most important KPIs and data points and schedule a meeting to review the numbers. If you’re not sure how to interpret your data, consult a digital marketing strategist for help. They’ll be able to explain important digital marketing KPIs and what to look for when reviewing your website and marketing health.

Examples of important KPIs include:

  • Website traffic
  • Time on site
  • Pageviews on your top performing pages
  • Conversions on your top performing pages

Once you review your data, strategize a few ways to improve 1-2 of your KPIs and then get to work making those updates. During your next data review meeting, you’ll want to check those KPIs and see if there are any new trends.

However, don’t get dismayed if it takes 2-3 months before you see any progress. Marketing is a long game and the results are well worth the wait.

If you do decide to work with a digital marketing strategist, they’ll be able to help with the updates and reviews to see if they’re working.

Data is your friend – don’t ignore the data you receive on your website or about your prospects. It can really help you improve your dental marketing practice and retain happy customers.

Use a Strategic Martech Stack

Martech is short for ‘marketing technology’. It’s used to describe the various marketing tools and technology available to improve your overall efforts.

For example, you might use specialized management software, WordPress as your website content management system, and HootSuite to schedule your social media posts. These three tools would be considered your strategic martech stack.

Building upon your martech stack can help you automate and ease the hassle of your marketing efforts and keep track of your damage restoration leads. Even better, you can integrate your tools together so they can share data back and forth, amplifying your data and possible insights.

Marketing is time consuming and with a strategic set of tools behind your water damage restoration leads, you’ll be able to increase your awareness, generate more leads, and retain them as customers.

Implement Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a popular marketing methodology that entrails bringing users to your website through enticing blogs, service pages, social media, and other benefit-driven tactics with the intent of converting them into leads.

Inbound marketing is different than outbound marketing in that it’s a subtle way to get customers warmed up to your brand. It also brings the users / potential clients to you versus you promoting  your company hard across the interwebs.

How can you take advantage of inbound marketing as a damage restoration business?

  • Write blogs that will actually benefit your customers. 
    By tailoring them to your target audience, your actual prospects will be more engaged with your content and see you as a thought leader. Also, make sure your blog are SEO-optimized.
  • Strive to share content on social that your targeted customers will enjoy. 
    Whether it’s videos, memes, or trivia, post content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that your audience will like, share, retweet, etc.
  • Leverage PPC campaigns 
    You should implement Pay-Per-Click to get people to see your services when they’re searching for you. Using Google Ads and Bing Ads, you can show up at the top of the search results and drive traffic to your website.
  • Create downloadable content to get emails and names of prospective customers. 
    Downloadable assets are great ways to get in front of new prospects when they’re not quite ready to make an appointment. Examples of content could be: informative e-books,  coupons or specials, specific information on your water damage restoration company services such as water mitigation, mold remediation, etc.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
    If you have decent traffic going to your website you should attempt to increase your leads with proven conversion rate optimization services which can improve your leads without increasing traffic.

Inbound marketing is definitely worth the investment. By tweaking your content so its benefit-driven and exactly when you’re audience is looking for, you’ll see better results and grow your practice.

Improve, Test, Analyze & Repeat

Like we mentioned earlier, marketing is constantly evolving. And if you’re not evolving, you’re stagnant. Stagnant and marketing are two words that should never go together.

When running any digital marketing campaign, you want to be improving, testing, analyzing, and repeating.

For example, before running your next water damage marketing campaign, take a look at the data from your previous campaign. Review you graphics, ad copy, blog copy, calls-to-action, coupons, etc. What can you do to improve any of the collateral so it will perform better than before? Adjust 1-2 items and then start running your campaign again.

Test how the tweaks work for a few weeks or so and then analyze the results. Is it working, are you getting more customers for cleanups? If so, continue running the campaign. If not, adjust 1-2 more items and then start again.

The idea is that you should always be testing and analyzing the performance of your campaigns. No campaign is perfect from the get-go and even if it was, with marketing tools, technologies, and algorithms always changing it wouldn’t be perfect for too long.

Today’s digital marketing rules are vastly different than they were ten years ago. Luckily, though, using the tips above you can grow your water damage restoration business to new heights. As long as you’re leveraging your data, using strategic tools and inbound marketing tactics, and always testing your campaigns, you’ll continue to see growth and outlast your competition.

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