Northern Virginia SEO and Digital Marketing Services

Northern Virginia SEO and Digital Marketing Services

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Are you located in NOVA?  (That’s the local slang for the Northern Virginia area)

Are you looking for a way to improve the visibility of your website especially among local people in your community?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an SEO marketing company that knew the area where you’re located and could help you custom tailor your website and marketing plans to suit your location?

Here at SurgeStream, we can do all that and so much more!

Since we’re located in Northern VA, as a Virginia SEO company, we care about how our fellow area businesses perform. That’s why we’re committed to providing you the best quality search engine optimization and digital marketing available to you, while focusing on the area in which you do your business. If you’ve got a new company in Arlington or an established brand that needs to expand in Fairfax, our services are a great way to improve your sales.

We care about helping you grow your business. There are a lot of different ways we can help you make the most of your marketing strategies, and we will custom tailor a plan to suit the unique individual needs of your company or service. Whether you’re in Reston, Haymarket, Winchester, or any other part of our area, we’re here to serve you.

We already have a strong client base in and around the Northern Virginia area, and we’re confident you’ll be happy to join your fellow local businesses in allowing us to help you better market and sell your website to the right people at the right time.

Read on to learn more about what SurgeStream can do for you.

Local SEO

Search engine optimization works, but when it isn’t focused on your area, it may not make a big difference for your business. That’s why it’s so important to work with a company like SurgeStream that can provide you with local search engine optimization custom tailored to your area’s market potential.

Not only do we use our SEO skills to help improve the content on your web site and make sure it shows up when people search for businesses in your area, but we also serve as a go-between connecting you with third party review sites that can help spread the word about the good work you do.

We’ll also keep an eye on your competition and see what they’re doing in your area. This can help you make some solid decisions about how to market yourself and how to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You should always keep at least one step ahead of your competition. If you’ve never experimented with local SEO before, now is the time to try this important marketing strategy.

The Northern Virginia Area

Northern Virginia Map

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Located in Northern Virginia, SurgeStream is uniquely positioned to help a wide variety of different companies throughout the region, ranging from small to large. As part of this area, we are located close to Baltimore as well as very near Washington DC.

Our location near these larger cities means we can provide our services to a lot of local companies without having to sacrifice the quality of what we do. We are committed to the whole region, so no matter where you’re located, we can help you.

If you’ve got a small business in Arlington or you’re trying to grow your established mid-sized company in Fairfax, we’re here to help. From Alexandria to Gainesville to Bailey’s Crossroads and everywhere in between, we’ve got this area covered, and we’re happy to be a part of such a thriving community.

How can we help you grow?

We aim to use our SEO strategies and marketing techniques to help small and mid-sized businesses grow in Manassas, Falls Church, Leesburg, Clifton, and other cities and towns throughout our region. But just what can we do for you?

  • Localized traffic targeting – The most important facet of SEO we can offer our local customers is localized traffic targeting. Do you have a small business in Purcellville? Then we will target your marketing to Purcellville and surrounding areas, like Middleburg or Bluemont. We’ll even include social media marketing strategies to reach out to your area. Don’t want to offer services to Metro Washington DC? Then we won’t target this area in our marketing plan for your website.
  • Increase your local leads as well as nationwide ones – Local leads are very important for small businesses, especially when you’re first getting started. Because of our location, we can help you bring in more leads from your area as well as connect you with statewide and nationwide clients and customers who may be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Bring in sales – By combining website audits, content marketing strategies, web design and SEO strategies, our top goal is to bring in more sales and more revenue for your company or service. We work to clear any Google penalties your site might have and make you more visible than your competitors when people in your region search relevant keywords.

Our Strategic Location

Avoid the Hight Costs of Washington DC SEO Companies

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Since we’re near Metro Washington DC, we’ve got a lot of connections. We’re strategically positioned in the best possible place to give your website plenty of attention from big-name corporations and get you noticed by nationwide customers all while helping you connect to communities like Herndon, Sterling, Front Royal, and Manassas that are all right around the corner from you.

Many of the SEO companies located in Washington DC charge a considerably higher rate for the same services we provide. That’s just one of the things that makes SurgeStream stand out from nearby competitors. While we’re helping grow businesses in Vienna, Ashburn, Fort Belvoir, and Great Falls, we’re not charging the kinds of prices you’d find with a Washington DC SEO company.

This also works well for anyone in the Metro Washington DC area who might be looking for a more affordable startup SEO service in the region. Since we know the area, we’re a great resource no matter where you might be located.

Our Services

As a Virginia SEO company, we provide several different services to best suit your specific needs. Each of these can be customized  to fit the industry you’re working with and the location in which you’re operating. Check out the list below to see what it is we do and how we can best help you.

  • Website audits – We’ll thoroughly examine your site a make recommendations on the changes we deem important to your site’s success. We’ll look over everythingfrom grammar and layout to the demographics of the people who visit your site. From there, we can target specific SEO issues that need attention.
  • SEO Strategy Building – We’ll design the right strategy for your website to increase traffic and turn site visitors into paying customers.
  • Localized Strategies – We’ll be sure people who are searching for your service in your area find you first. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and make your company’s name synonymous with your service or product.
  • Content Marketing – We’ll take care of link backs and outreach to other bloggers through our optimized blog post and article content.
  • Paid Advertising – We can set up paid advertising on your site as well as pay per click ads setup and management, which can help bring in more revenue every time someone visits your website.
  • Social Media – Finally, we can handle the referral and review side of things by improving your social media presence and making sure your local customers see you show up in all of the right places

With our comprehensive set of services, we’ll be able to help you generate plenty of new leads on a regular basis and bring more customers, clients, or patients into your business. We’ll make sure you stand out among the rest of the companies in Northern Virginia with a quality website, excellent content, and monitored marketing tailored to your business.

Industries We Serve

We serve many different industries throughout the area. Below are just some of the unique sectors we provide high-quality SEO services to in and around Northern Virginia.


  • Communications
    These companies can benefit from our services through optimizing their contacts with customers as well as with other related companies in the area. We can also clean up your website and make sure everything is professional, optimally functioning, and makes a lasting impression.
  • Consumer Goods
    With a consumer goods company, your website should be at the top of its game. We’ll make sure it’s full of strong keywords and credible content that will make your customers trust your name.
  • Education
    No matter which aspect of education you’re involved in, a SEO campaign can drive traffic to your website by adding articles, blog posts, and quality information to build a strong online presence. We can also get you listed as a verified Google business and make sure your contact information is very easy for anyone in your area to find.
  • Energy
    We’ll take care of all the relevant keywords research that help bring people directly to your website before your competitors’. If there are areas of concern in your industry, we’ll provide high-quality content in the form of well-researched articles with link backs to credible sources that will make you much more trustworthy to your customers.
  • Finance
    Link backs to other websites in your field are a great way SEO can encourage more traffic to your finance company’s site. We work to get your site gets indexed on all the relevant lists and groups that have to do with your particular industry.
  • Government Contractors
    We’ll examine your site for any potential Google penalties and work to have you show up in the first few search engine results pages in your area.
  • Internet Technology and Software
    We can provide you with a streamlined website design SEO that loads quickly and works on all types of devices, so anyone looking for your product can find it right away.  We also specialize in SaaS SEO services.
  • Media
    With paid advertising, we’ll be able to help increase the revenue your site brings with every person who clicks on it. We can also bring in more traffic to your site by cleaning it up, making sure it runs quickly, and helping raise its ranks on search engine indexes.
  • Professional Services
    Networking is an important part of building a local professional services business. When you use our SEO expert digital marketing team, you’ll be able to register your business with Google and show up at the top of the list when people search for your services in the area. Your contact information will also be very easy for people to locate with a quick search, and that will drive more customers to get in touch with you.
  • Real Estate and Hospitality
    Both of these industries rely heavily on websites that stay up to date with plenty of relevant information. High-quality blog posts and articles can bring in interested customers who might be looking for answers to some location-specific questions about travel, tourism, or buying a home in the area.
  • Transportation
    Depending on the type of service you offer, you might need SEO to help bring in traffic through keyword searches or you might want to develop link back relationships with other companies in the area. By working together with similar local companies, you may be able to build a strong system of referrals and recommendations.


  • Think Tanks
    Provide as much information as you like to interested parties and potential members of your group through your website. This will keep the right people motivated and up-to-date on everything you’re doing.
  • Financial
    Non-profit financial organizations rely heavily on keyword searches and relevant metadata to bring interested people to their websites. With our effective SEO plan, we’ll take care of all this and much more.
  • Internet
    We can keep your website up-to-date on all technological changes that continuously We’ll also be sure to monitor metrics and logistics to see where we can make improvements each step of the way.
  • Other
    There’s a lot more we can do, and there are more companies we’re working with in and around your area. From small businesses to bigger ones, from non-profits to for-profit services, we can take care of digitally marketing your website, no matter what you might need.

Whether you’ve got a real estate company in Chantilly or a software startup in Centreville, whether you’re running a finance company in McLean or want to begin a think tank in Burke, let SurgeStream be there to help increase your marketing and bring in more customers than you thought possible.

We have a lot to offer, and we’ve only scratched the surface of the amazing opportunities we can provide you through our quality page SEO and digital marketing services. Since we understand your area, we can make sure we’re giving you the best possible service that will reach out to the right clientele every time.

The next time you’re looking for a way to increase revenue by driving traffic to your website and turning leads into customers, get in touch with us. We can make a big difference in your profits and your customer base and in your profits.

Are you Located in Northern Virginia or the Metro DC area and Need Help Driving Traffic to your Website?

Let SurgeStream Help.

As a Virginia SEO agency, we help organization’s grow their website’s traffic by providing you with a custom digital marketing strategy on how to grow your website’s presence online. Fill out the form below and one of our SEO professionals will get back to you asap with a free analysis of your website.








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