Quick Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Company

Quick Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Company

But before you can devote all your attention to your practice and patients you have to find the best digital marketing company to help you achieve your goals. Below we’re sharing a few quick tips for finding a digital marketing partner.

Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Company

1. Make a List of Your Wants and Needs Before Talking to Anyone

For most major purchases, it’s recommended that you make a list of your must-have features and negotiable features to ensure you buy something that fits your goals and needs. The same is true when you’re looking for your digital marketing partner.

Before you even research anything, make a list of your must-have qualities in an agency, your must-have services, and the KPIs you’re going to measure to determine ROI and success.

This list can be used in the initial stage of research (when you’re looking at agency websites and learning about their services), when you’re meeting with the companies (to make sure you hold firm to your needs), and when you’re making your final decision.

Having a predetermined list of your wants and needs will help you stay grounded and focused when talking with agencies.

2. Don’t Limit Your Search to Just Your Local Area

When you first start looking, you might be tempted to search for marketing companies in your local area. And while this isn’t a bad approach, it can affect the quality of your search results. It can also make it hard to find a company who meets the needs you wrote down above.

Ultimately, you want to find the best digital marketing company for your company or organization. So when you’re searching, leave out your city / state and see what agencies pop up.

If you’re worried that working with an agency in another state or time zone can affect your marketing performance, make sure to ask non-local agencies how they handle meetings, phone calls, etc. with their out-of-state partners.

Technology has made it really easy to communicate and stay connected, so don’t let location dictate your digital marketing company choices.

3. Specialization and Experience

In addition to searching for a non-local agency, you should also search for a marketing partner that specializes in search engine optimization marketing.

When researching potential marketing partners, look for one that has experience and/or specializes in digital marketing.

4. Review Portfolios and Testimonials

A digital agency’s portfolio is one of the most important things to review. You want to find a partner that has worked with other similar businesses and gets results for their clients.

Here are a few key things to look for in when reviewing a portfolio:

  • Results – Are they able to get results for their clients?
  • Services – Have they been able to get results for the services you’re wanting to hire them for?
  • Companies Worked With – Are the companies they’re showcasing similar to yours? If not the same industry, are they the same size and business stage?

In addition to the portfolio, you should also read testimonials and reviews about the companies you’re considering.

Check the 3 main review sites (Google, Yelp, and Glassdoor) to see what clients and employees are saying about them. Employee reviews are important because they give you insight into the inner workings of the agency and give you a feel for the employees themselves. Afterall, you don’t want to work with a digital marketing firm whose employees hate working there.

5. Check Their Blog & Social Media Accounts

Marketing is constantly changing. Whether it’s a new social media network, an algorithm update, or a new tool, agencies have to keep up to continue getting results for their clients. Two ways most marketing companies show their industry knowledge and expertise is on their blog and social media channels.

So when you’re reviewing prospective marketing companies, check out their blog and look for the following:

  • The date – When was the last time they published a new post? Pretty recent or 6 months ago?
  • Frequency of posts – Do they publish a lot or every once in a while? Is their blog schedule consistent
  • Layout of blogs – Are the blogs easy to read/scan? Do they have images?
  • Content – Is the content well-written? Is there a lot of content or a few sentences?

The answers to these questions could be indicators of how your website and campaign is treated.

After checking the blogs, take a look at their social media channels.

  • Frequency of posts – Do they share a lot on their social media? Are they actively participating in online discussions?
  • Content – What kind of posts are they sharing? Do you get a sense of their personality and expertise from their posts?
  • Following best practices – Are they following industry best practices for the social media channels they use?

Similar to blogs, their social channels can give you a wealth of information about their own social media skills, their ability to craft creative social posts, and their expertise in generating engagement on your own channels.

Finding the best digital marketing company for your company or organization doesn’t have to be stressful. By writing down your must-haves ahead of time, searching nationwide, reviewing portfolios, social media, and blogs, and double checking experience, you’ll find a marketing partner that will help you achieve your online and business goals.

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