Review of Free and Paid SEO Audit Software Tools

Review of Free and Paid SEO Audit Software Tools

Do you know your website’s SEO health? If not, it’s important to regularly check these things for your website’s optimization. Without it, how would online users find out about your product or services?

Some of the best website audit tools can provide you with a lot of information on what you can improve on and what you’re doing right.

What’s your biggest issue with your website right now? Do you know or have any idea on what’s wrong with it? Do you know who is searching for certain topics in your market?

If you want to boost your search engine rankings, SEO audits can provide that for you. Having one performed will help you uncover some of those tweaks in your website that might hinder your business from appearing on a search engine results page (SERP).

And no business wants that.

For your business, performing a SEO website audit gives you the upper hand in maximizing your website’s SEO. And with that, you have a competitive advantage over your competition.

Some of the website audit tools listed below offer free SEO audits while others give free trials with paid subscriptions.

All website SEO audit tools start with a website crawl. After that, it’s up to the actual tool to decide what works.

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the best SEO audit tools, some free, and others require a paid subscription. But don’t worry. It’s worth the money you pay.

Find out which one works best for you and your business

Free SEO Audit Tools

The free tools below offer free features along with some advanced paid features.

Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools - For SEO Audits

Google has some of the best free stuff in the online world.  Google’s Search Console is a great first start to analyze your website and it is definitely recommended as the first step when analyzing your website.  And best of all, it is free!

With Google’s free Search Console, register your website so you can see if there are any unknown technical issues with your website, check on your current website rankings for certain keywords, block certain content on your site, or even fix hacked content. There’s even a community help forum to assist in any issue that might come up.

The search console also offers courses that help in creating high-quality websites which are important in ranking well on a search engine results page. Keep in mind all the aspects that go into creating a great website.

As a great SEO audit tool, Google provides plenty of resources to help aid in the creation of your website.

With Webmaster Academy, become a webmaster with lessons on creating a website that will help maximize all your business needs online.

Google Webmaster Academy

Once you learn how to enhance your high-quality website, your website will be revived and online users will flock to it.

Even see how Google spiders crawl the web and how your site will be indexed in Google’s search engine.

And the best part about Google’s Search Console…it’s all free!


Woorank for SEO Audits

This very robust tool takes you on a ride on every single aspect of your website. This is what makes it a good free SEO audit tool.

Every single thing you can think of, even things you wouldn’t imagine being an important part of your site, WooRank can find the error and help you fix it.

One of those things is a simple as entering your domain name and tah-dah! There you have it.

All the important aspects of SEO can be seen on your analysis. You’ll see:

  • Keyword consistency
  • Alt attributes
  • Inbound page links
  • Broken links
  • Usability
  • Load time
  • Speed tips
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Plus much more

It finds what you’re doing right, what you can improve on, and what needs the most work. WooRank offers suggestions for optimizing multiple SEO issues and techniques to fix it.

Woorank Spped Tips for SEO Audit

Above you see some speed tips and improvements on reducing your web page load time and thus creating a better user experience. Slow load times can deter a user from continuing on your website if all parts of the webpage aren’t loading on time.

Red points are errors, yellow points are things your site can improve and green points mean that section looks good. Once you follow the suggestions made and your site errors are fixed, you see green checks all the way down. That’s what you’re shooting for.

Competitive analysis, mobile visits, server uptime, URL errors are among many other perks required for the subscription but included in the free trial.

Have WooRank crawl your website and get daily reviews on optimizing your site for maximum SEO rankings.

Screaming Frog

ScreamingFrog for SEO Audits

It’s no wonder why this SEO audit tool is used by some of the top brands, such as Disney and Amazon. Screaming Frog offers so many features to improve and analyze your website.

This downloadable tool offers free and paid versions. With the free version you will get more advanced features that are worth every penny. You can test out the free version, and if you like it you can always upgrade later to the paid version for a nominal fee.

With Screaming Frog’s audit, some SEO knowledge is needed before using it as these crawlers show you errors and use your understanding of SEO to fix the needed issues. But no worries. There are plenty of definitions to help understand the technical terms of the SEO audit.

In the free version you can crawl up to 500 URLs, take a look at your page titles, meta descriptions, broken links, and duplicate pages for an idea on issues that need fixing.  If you upgrade you will be able to view more than 500 URLs.

Screaming Frog works great as a free SEO audit tool and even better when you buy their paid plan which includes added features:

ScreamingFrog - Compare - SEO Audit

You will be able to save our crawls, find and fix any temporary and permanent redirects, receive free technical support, and integrate Google Analytics in the paid version.

Those advanced features are sure to maximize your website SEO with added capabilities.

Paid SEO Audit Tools

The paid versions of the following SEO website audit tools all offer limited trials so you can try it before you buy it.


SEMRush Dashboard for Running a SEO Audit

This all-in-one tool can be seen as one of the best on the market. Although a mainly paid SEO audit tool and used by many top brands, SEMrush uses competitive intelligence against your competitors.

SEMrush’s site audit prioritizes SEO errors so you know which is more important to fix. The analysis reports choose which issues to fix first and take the guesswork out so you don’t have to worry about it.

SEMRush for SEO Audit

In this example of, you see paid and organic search audits backlinks, and display ads. This very robust tool shows organic competitors with positioning map and top paid keywords.

For a growing business, you’ll be able to see what your audience is searching for and how you can benefit from it by optimizing your SEO.

With multiple security breaches around today, it’s a key factor with the security of your website. SEMrush’s HTTPS checker helps with security certificate issues, server issues, and can alert you to any website security issues about your website security.

SEMrush can keep track of your website with its weekly technical SEO audit. With this feature, fix any issues that might crop up without your knowledge and make sure you take care of any problems right away.

For example, hreflang determines which language is used depending on the user’s location and language. Find those issues amongst much more.

SEMrush prides itself on finding your competitor’s keywords. Its competitive analysis can help you as a growing business decide how to compete against your competitors.

If you don’t know what your competition is doing, there’s no way to find out what the people in your market like and how your top competitors are acquiring them through their website.

This tool’s SEO audit tool provides that competitive advantage.

With the free trial, you’ll only be able to use it for 14 days.  The paid version has many options for your business needs, features analytics, projects you can save, reporting, and user management (maximum users per account).


ahrefs Site Audit

Another favorite SEO explorer used by marketing professionals is this tool to improve your SEO by using competitive analysis through content research, competitors link building and web monitoring.

In Ahrefs new site audit, view live stats as URLs are crawled. So this means, as users are clicking on your links, whether backlinks or search engine links, you’ll see how your information is being shared in real time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see where your competitors are funneling their traffic? That’s part of what ahrefs includes in its Site Explorer.

You can research organic traffic through the millions of keywords ahrefs monitors. And not only that but find out those paid keywords and where you and your competitor’s money are going in search ads. See what’s working for them and benefit from their marketing strategies.

ahrefs - Site Audits

As one of the most organized of the many SEO site audit tools out there, through Content Explorer, find out what the most talked about content on the web in your market.

Using these to your advantage can help figure out what your market users are talking about and give you an idea of your ideal audience and buyer persona.

Collect data from social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. See how your URL or competitors URL is being distributed and consider how to improve your overall SEO.

Also, find out your health score SEO and fix those issues with your website’s SEO. View those recommended changes based on keyword search.

Raven Tools

Raven - for SEO Website Audit

One thing to love about Raven Tool’s website auditor is the unlimited campaigns offered on all paid plans. Plus, you get to crawl up to 50,000 pages per month.

If you’re starting out as a business, Raven’s affordable plans are perfect for your budget. It has a free version, fit for a small business that analyzes 50 pages per month.

As a growing business, you’ll be able to see your competitors and analyze your own with the Grow plan, which analyzes 30,000 pages per month.

Focus on your SEO site problems with prioritizing with on page ranking and find out which issue is most important and Raven’s site audit will fix it for you.

Raven tools site auditor also includes a link to share your results with your social friends and colleagues to get help from them.

If you want to schedule your site audit analysis weekly or monthly, this tool lets you do that as well. And you’ll be able to do so on the go with mobile site audits on tablets or mobile phone.

RavenTools - Crawl Report for Website Audits

In the image above, Raven tools suggest working from visibility issues across which is ordered in most important to your website issues.

Another great thing about Raven Tools’ site audit is excluding some pages from the site auditor. If you believe everything is okay with a certain page, you can exclude it from the analysis.

Raven Tools is always improving its site auditor and finding ways to make it a better user experience for you.

Try the Raven Tool’s free trial and find out your site score.


MOZ for Website Auditing

Many digital marketers know Moz is one of the best SEO audit tools online. You’ll be able to track popular search engine keywords globally, competitor performance, geo-location ranking, mobile and desktop ranking, and get alerts for new issues that arise since your last audit scan.

When you run the crawl test, it checks for status code errors, inbound links, top pages, link opportunities, and a spam analysis.

MOZ Website Analysis Audit

Moz provides resources to help you learn about different SEO topics and how to use the crawl test. Their learning resources section gives you tools to find out more about SEO and using the Moz site audit.

In addition to getting alerts for new issues, you can export your crawl reports to Trello. This works great for organization and fixing issues amongst your teams.

Their most popular paid plan, the Medium paid plan, contains plenty of tools for your site crawl. With up to 10 users, a 24-hour help team, branded reports, and 500,000 site crawls per week, you’re sure to cover all the bases of your SEO needs.

A site audit checklist on Moz’s blog can give you a head start on using the SEO audit.


Having a user-friendly website creates a better experience for online users and your potential customers. The website audit tools listed above can guide you in giving your website a good, clean and thorough check for website optimization.

For every error you fix with an SEO audit tool, you’ll be on your way to having your business show up at the top of the search engines. And that’s what you need for your website.

Find the best SEO audit service for your business needs and let SurgeStreams’ SEO website audit lead you to your future customer.

Whether you decide a free or paid SEO audit tool is best for your business, a trained professional with a keen sense of finding out your website’s needs is one of the best options you can have for your business’ website SEO.

SurgeStream will perform a manual website audit, find out what your website needs, and figure out a strategy for target keywords related to your field.

If you’re having trouble finding the right customers to your website, give SurgeStream a call or request a free quote for your free SEO analysis and mini-audit.


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