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We offer Search engine optimization (also known as SEO) to small businesses that are looking to increase their website's online presence and therefore increase targeted traffic, sales and/or leads.

Our search engine optimization strategies start off with a SEO website audit.  This detailed report lists any on-page seo issues followed by our professional recommendations.  Listed below is our most recommended plan of action for websites.

Website Audit

If you have never had a website audit performed it is highly recommended that you start off with that first.  This detailed report acts as a blueprint for any on-site or on-page technical issues to fix.  This report is performed manually by a seasoned SEO professional with years of experience.

Fix On-Page SEO

Once your audit is completed we present you with a professional report on which items to fix.  This report might be a little overwhelming for someone without technical expertise, but our experienced web developers can provide technical assistance if you need any help.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Once all of your on-site technical SEO issues have been addressed and fixed, you can start driving targeted traffic to your website.  There are two main methods of accomplishing this: 1. Organically, or free website traffic,  and 2. Paid online advertising methods.

Once you have fixed all on-site and on-page website seo problems, you can safely move forward with attempting to rank your website on the search engines organically.  This "free" website traffic can come in the form of links from authoritative blogs, relevant forums, appropriate guest posts, and cost effective paid advertising methods


Listed below are some result averages that clients have experienced when utilizing our professional SEO recommendations.


Average Organic Traffic Increase*


Average Bounce Rate Decrease


Average Conversion Rate Increase*


Average Pages Per Session Increase

Keyword Research Strategy

Before you start on driving targeted search engine traffic, you should perform a keyword analysis of your website - decide what your rankings on the search engines currently are and determine which ones to target.

Search Engine and other Activity Reports

If you decide to utilize our SEO services on an ongoing basis, we provide professional SEO monthly reports that lists keyword rankings, analytics analysis and other website activity. With this information, we work together on what to target next.

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