Testimonials of Digital Marketing Clients

Some of SurgeStream's testimonials from satisfied clients, listing the assistance and success we have obtained for them with our search engine optimization, digital marketing and other website strategies.
Testimonials of Digitla Marketing Clients
”SurgeStream has helped transform our web presence and dramatically increase our search ranking through a strategic combination of SEO strategies. These strategies have included relaunching a new website with improved speed and user experience, optimizing keywords throughout our site, creating regular and fresh optimized content, and solving a host of minor problems along the way. At every step, SurgeStream has been knowledgeable, responsive, and effective in their work!”

Website: inlingua Washington DC
Jared Holsing
Jared Holsing
Director, inlingua Washington DC
”Doing something right the first time really is priceless and SurgeStream worked with us in each stage of development of our new site.  We appreciated that he helped us think about content and the user experience in distinct, yet inter-related categories.  With their guidance, our work processes were cleaner and we produced a good looking product that needed minimal changes.”
Graphic Designer for SEO
Patricia Leyden
Operations Manager and Senior Coordinator, GlobalGo
”Updating our website was a breeze with Surge Stream’s expertise.  They are very responsive and prompt.  Their Search Engine Optimization makes our business stand out.”

Website: Salem Specialty Ball
Graphic Designer for SEO
Sara Grant Martinelli
Vice President, Salem Specialty Ball
”SurgeStream has been providing great help with our website's operation/management and SEO. They are always actively involved in our e-commerce marketing projects by participating in meetings and sharing input, advice and feedback. Their communication with our team has been always up-to-date, clear and attentive. Also, they write weekly blog posts for our website which have compelling content in order to increase CTRs in organic search. Thank you!”
Mia Cook
Mia Cook
Marketing Specialist