Industrial SEO – How to Increase Traffic to your Industrial Businesses Website

Industrial SEO - How to Increase Traffic

Are you looking for a way to drive traffic to your specific industry’s website?

Do you find yourself struggling to bridge the gap between traditional Internet marketing and the niche market you’re working in?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy solution to your unique marketing needs?

With industry-specific, targeted SEO, your industrial business will be able to grow and flourish more than ever.

It’s important to keep in mind that each industry has its own strengths, weaknesses, and needs, and without a firm understanding of each one of these, SEO may not make a big difference. That’s why you absolutely must choose an SEO company that understands the ins and outs of individual industries.

You should also choose a company that understands how important local SEO is. Having a solid set of keywords on your site or incredible content is a good start, but without optimizing your site for the people in your area, you’ll never reach your target audience.

Local SEO can do this and can even help you improve your standing with Google and fit into Google’s 3-Pack for local businesses. This will help you to show up quickly and be easily found when people search for your industry.

The target audience and market for one area of industrial business is not going to be the same as that of the next. Someone looking for agricultural products has no interest in the marketing strategies that work for someone interested in nuclear power.

Because of these differences, SEO for industrial businesses needs to be fully understood before a plan can be implemented. No matter what type of business you’re running, local SEO can help you make the most of your needs and functions and keep you ahead of the crowd of competitors in your area.

Listed below are the different types of industries where SEO and digital marketing can help drive traffic and leads for your business.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense Search Engine Optimization

Companies in the aerospace & defense sector have a unique set of needs that must be met when marketing their online presence. In many cases, these companies work closely with the government. In other situations, they work with private and major commercial groups to create and build products that are used all over the world.

  • SEO can help you reach the right lead indexes and connect you with clients and potential clients no matter how hard to reach they might be.
  • The higher your company appears in a search engine, the more likely you are to outshine your local competitors.


Agricultural Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot of different aspects of the agricultural sector, and you need an SEO marketing company that understand these aspects. Agriculture is a big umbrella term that requires specialized knowledge in order to market it correctly. Depending on the type of agricultural company you have, you may need one of several different types of marketing.

  • Agriculture is all about connecting with local customers, and with local SEO, you’ll be connected with the people in your region who need your work the most.
  • Your site’s content will be optimized to focus only on the specific type of agriculture you’re working with, so your site will be more trustworthy and credible, and visitors will be happy with the information they find.


Using SEO for Chemical Companies

Like agriculture, there are many different ways your company might work with chemicals. However, this is a more organized type of industry, and there are plenty of unique requirements that fit into any chemical company regardless of its purpose. Let your digital marketing company focus on those needs to make sure the right people and organizations take notice of your company from the very beginning.

  • Chemical production companies need to be put in touch with the right leads for sales and transportation, and with SEO and digital marketing help, you’ll have easy access to the customers who need your services most.
  • Chemical storage companies need to build good relationships with materials companies as well as with their customers, so SEO can help improve these connections with link backs and sourcing to support websites.


Search Engine Optimization for Construction Companies

Whether you’re operating a construction company on a large scale or a small one, and whether you handle a lot of jobs across the board or you specialize in one aspect—such as fencing or roofing—you need a website that’s going to reach your target audience right away. SEO marketing can greatly increase the traffic that comes to your company’s website.

  • There’s nothing more important to a construction company than being noticed locally. SEO will optimize your search results for your specific area so customers will find you.
  • SEO can also make sure your business appears as a Google indexed company that will make referrals and contact much easier.

Industrial Equipment

Digital Marketing and SEO for your Industrial Supply Company

Industrial equipment has many needs, too, and can be considered its own industry. Many of the other industrial businesses listed here would be unable to operate without the benefit of this equipment to help them function. Because of this, one of the main focuses of this industry’s marketing should rely on connecting to other companies, but there’s much more than that, too.

  • SEO can build strong relationships with companies that can help you reach out to even more customers. Link to the companies that support you, and if they link back, they’ll drive even more business your way.
  • With good digital marketing strategies in place, you can reach people locally who may be in need of your services.
  • Also, if you are a distributor of industrial related products, you might want to consider having a shopping cart system in place that allows you to sell industrial products online.  Combine this with an effective ecommerce seo strategy and you can increase your companies sales for relatively low costs.
  • Having an ecommerce system in place and getting website traffic doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will get lots of sales.  It is also important that you convert these online browsers into buyers with a coordinated conversion rate optimization strategy to increase sales.

Machine Shops

Machine Shop Digital Marketing and SEO

Machine shops, which are a type of mini-factory, are an important part of the world of industry. These companies create products that are used in vehicle production, construction, equipment building, and so much more. The needs of these companies are unique to them, and it’s very important to work with a marketing group that understands how important your shop is to its clients and potential customers.

  • Visibility with local customers is an important first step toward digitally marketing your machine shop. SEO can reach out to the local area and be sure you’re seen.
  • From there, it’s important to improve and maintain fresh content on your site with an effective content marketing strategy so that your local customers can continue to contact you and remain interested in what it is you do.


SEO for Manufacturing

Depending on the type of manufacturing you do, you might have a limited target audience or you might be working with a very large one. Either way, marketing your name, company, and website to the right people at the right time is crucial to ensuring it gets noticed, especially in a world where there are a lot of other manufacturing companies already in existence. You want to get the business before your competitor, and the right SEO can help you do just that.

  • Your SEO company needs to understand the specific type of manufacturing you do so they can better build the information on your website to match the market you’re targeting.
  • Proper marketing will ensure that the people who find your website are already interested in the services you have to offer and have been searching exactly the type of work you do. This will translate to more paying customers and more repeat customers as well.

Metal Fabrication Industry

Digital Marketing and SEO for your Fabricated Metal Company

Fabricated metals have their place in several other industries, and they’re an important part of pretty almost every walk of life, whether obvious or not. You need a digital marketing team that knows just how important your industrial business is to the world around it and has a good, strong idea of the right places to find solid leads for your work.

  • Your website will be indexed on the right types of search engines to reach the most potential customers for your specific type of metal fabrication.
  • The content on your site will be trimmed down and then built back up again so that every page helps bring more solid leads to your site,time and time again.

Mining & Drilling

Search Engine Optimization for Mining and Drilling

Owning a company that focuses on mining and drilling in some capacity is a difficult endeavor, especially in today’s world. It’s hard to get noticed if you’re an up-and-coming business, and it’s hard to expand a business that’s already been in existence for a little while. You need the right content on your website to drive traffic, and you need a lot of credibility to make clients choose you over your competitor. In this industry, SEO is crucial.

  • There are a lot of considerations in the world of mining and drilling today, and your SEO company will be sure to mention the ones that matter most to your customers.
  • You’ll be put in contact with local customers who may be interested in your services all while your website fits perfectly into Google’s requirements to stay at the top of the heap.

Nuclear Power Industry

Digital Marketing and SEO for the Nuclear Industry

If your company is a part of the nuclear power industry, there’s going to be a lot of specialized information your marketing team needs to know. This is a challenging industry to be a part of, and it can sometimes be difficult to find leads and reach out to potential customers and clients. You need a strong team behind you to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time, and your company’s name becomes synonymous with excellent products and great work.

  • SEO can ensure that your nuclear power site stays professional,and that all information is relevant and easy for your customers to find.
  • Your site will be indexed on all the important search engines to be sure your potential clients and customers can easily locate your contact information.

Oil and Gas Industry

Search Engine Optimization for the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry dominates much of the business world, so digital marketing is a vital way to reach out and get noticed in a sea of other companies. Depending on the way you work in this industry, you may have several other competitors within just a few miles of you, and it may be incredibly difficult to make a name for yourself. A solid digital marketing plan is the best way to get your company out there in a saturated market.

  • Since local marketing is an important part of some aspects of this industry, your site will be optimized for local searches wherever relevant to drive more foot traffic if possible.
  • SEO can improve the quality of information on every page of your site so that your company remains trustworthy and credible to every visitor.

Transportation & Logistics

SEO for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

There are a lot of different parts that make up the whole of the transportation and logistics industry. No matter where your company falls into this sector, the right web content and marketing plan is imperative in getting your business noticed over your competition. This is an industry that’s changing almost every day as technology improves and methods of travel shift, so when you want to stay at the front of the pack, you need an SEO team that knows what they’re doing.

  • Long-term SEO plans are especially important in transportation to keep up with modern trends. Let your SEO team continually tailor and tweak your site to suit an ever-changing market.
  • Be sure your site is making the right connections by providing link backs to credible sources and “sister” sites that might return the favor for you and increase traffic.

Website audits are a great way to improve the SEO content of your site and make sure your business is reaching the right people at the right time. With a site audit, your whole site will be thoroughly checked, analyzed, and tested to be sure it’s showing up as high as possible in search engines and that customers interested in your industry are able to find it when they look for information.

Don’t forget to focus on CRO strategies for your website’s content, too. Sometimes, it only takes a few simple changes in the type of information presented on your site to make a huge difference in traffic and visibility. Improving your online presence and the type of credibility with which you present your company can go a long way toward driving more revenue to your industrial business.

No matter what type of industry you’re working in, and no matter how small or large your operation might be, everything boils down to making sure customers and potential customers can find you when they search related topics online.

Each industry has its own online indexes, its own leads, and its own advertising needs. When you work with an SEO company that understands all the ins and outs of specific marketing designed to target individual industries, you’ll benefit from connections to all of these and so much more.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your mid-sized business into a larger one, there is  an SEO plan that will work for you, and successful digital marketing becomes well within your reach.

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